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Claude Bérubé ([personal profile] downplaying) wrote 2014-01-10 02:08 pm (UTC)


April 3rd, 2011.

Has news reached Luxembourg yet? I’m beginning to lose track of what’s going on outside Ivorian borders, loath as I am to admit it. Which information gets out and which doesn’t… Well, we’ve been evacuated. Or rather, we were ushered into the French peacekeepers’ camp near Abidjan Airport like the Ivorian farmers usher in cattle, 1400 of us – foreign nationals, mostly Lebanese. They’re going to send us home, for our own safety and while that might be true in the case of me and the other Frenchmen, it’s a shitty excuse to just get the Lebanese out of the country already. Back to their own corner of Hell. Shitty excuse. Really shitty excuse.

On the plus side, I’m now surrounded by hot men in uniform. Most of whom aren’t likely to kill me, were I to make a move. Worst case scenario is that I get myself a bloody nose and in comparison to rockets from the sky and massacres on thousands, I don’t think I have the right to complain. A bloody nose is nothing, not in this context. At home, I’d probably have gotten sufficiently angry to take a swing back. Funny, how perspective changes so much.

But honestly, it feels like the African sun has aged me something like ten plus years in the past two weeks. Let’s hope I’m still just remotely attractive when I get home or you’re in trouble, love. Vain that you are.

Speaking of vanity. I needed that laugh. Thanks. The mental image of Monsieur Leon playing army commander for the press, charging France on the grounds of one journalist who isn’t even a Luxembourgian national. You do, of course, realise that any flexing of Luxembourg’s muscles would result in Luxembourg being the laughing stock. As per usual. France would be delighted, if they weren’t so busy saving their former possessions in Africa, going down in flames and smoke. This country, Vincent. This fucking country…

They’re sending us back within the next couple of days. Once I’ve been informed of the exact date and time, I’ll let you know. You don’t have to pick me up at the airport.


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