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Claude Bérubé ([personal profile] downplaying) wrote2014-02-15 09:30 am
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(( FIC : für elise ))

[Title:] für elise
[Prompt:] Innocent
[Summary:] What if... Vincent and Claude had gotten children.

The watch on the nightstand reads 03.14 when Élise starts crying. “Your fucking turn,” Vincent mumbles, rolling over on his side, leaving Claude to get up and blindly make his way to her cradle near the foot of their bed.

She stares up at him through the darkness when he leans in to pick her up, her crying ceasing momentarily. As he adjusts her weight, she’s so light in his arms and he rocks her gently while heading for the kitchen where her bottles are stored.

“Hey little one,” he says in a low voice, smiling. “Don’t mind us, okay?”