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(( LOG : never without purpose ))

[Characters:] Vincent & Claude
[Date:] 22.12.2016
[Summary:] It's a question of cause and effect.

[He isn't exactly seething inside (anymore), but he definitely isn't pleased. If Vincent hadn't been so God damn attached to his job, Claude would have contacted the high and mighty Jean Louis Duroc himself and asked for an apology. In written form. Claude might not be all that active in the journalistic world anymore, but he still has all his contacts left and someone would be bound to find it an interesting angle - homophobia endorsed in the State Ministry of Luxembourg. Again, if Vincent wasn't so bloody dedicated to his new position as spin doctor for the State Minister. Claude couldn't do it to him. Not even if it's right. Not even if he'd really like to.

So instead he undresses quickly, to the sound of Vincent showering. Chases the cats out of the bedroom before crawling under the covers, Plato bouncing for the door and Socrates following after at an entirely unhurried pace as is his style. His groove. Claude loves that cat, it's so damn relaxed. Relaxing. There's nothing better than the evenings when it crawls up onto his lap and deems him worthy for pillow, purring gently and inviting a scratch on the head and some heavy (cat) petting. Well, maybe sex is better, but that falls under another category and involves different parties.

... Great and now he's horny, too - on top of being irritated.]
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[He dries off slowly, his mind no longer caught in that haze of shock that's made him feel (and possibly, act) like a zombie all evening. His nose doesn't hurt anymore; pain killers are lovely like that. He takes care, drying off his face though - looking at himself in the mirror, at the small strip of white latched onto the bridge of his nose to keep the bone in place. At least it'll stay straight; the nurse promised him. Anything else would have been fucking unbearable.

He doesn't bother with the bathrobe, shutting down all the lights in the bathroom and hanging his towel up to dry. Now that he's no longer... surprised (afraid), he's getting angry. Not seething, like Claude when he came home with blood all over his white shirt. Vincent doesn't work like that. Instead, it's a quiet, gradual kind of thing; partially icy and partially over-heated, the latter settling in his body like... something that needs working off. He enters the bedroom, pausing in the doorway to look at Claude, already under the covers. Yeah, just what he needs tonight.]
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Mm. About fucking time.

[It's typical, isn't it. A job he really, really likes - naturally, shit like this pops up during a fucking Christmas dinner. Couldn't be any other way. Claude's left one of their closets open, the automatic light in the door shining brightly in the dark. Aside from that, there's only the bedside lamp to take care of. Vincent walks past the closet, pushing the door shut with a quick, somewhat sharp flick of his wrist; not with enough force to slam it, no, but it definitely stays shut when he turns away. Getting into bed without further comment, he looks Claude over only briefly before leaning in for a kiss. A pretty hungry kiss, tongue pushing in between his lips almost immediately as he raises one hand to the back of Claude's head, fingers gripping his hair roughly. Not gently, tonight, but Claude knows him all too well and as such, he doesn't hold it back.]
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[His grip in Claude's hair tightens a notch as he deepens the kiss, shifting closer. He's got one, overruling goal tonight - to take everything he can without losing sight of Claude amidst his own, selfish cravings. Fact is, if he could simply turn him around, open him up and push his cock into his arse, straight to the base, he'd do so. He wants relief and control, though not in equal measures; but he doesn't want to be a bastard about it, not in any shape or form. Breathing quickening, he draws back and looks at Claude, gaze running downwards from the thoroughly obliging expression on his face, over his chest and abdomen and further; the sheets, pooling unevenly over his lap.

Reaching down, he pushes the sheets away. Closes his hand around Claude's hardening cock, long fingers circling its base. Then, he leans back in, grabbing another kiss as he pulls his hand upwards, a slow but firm kind of movement. He's not asking permission or apologising - just making sure that they're both on the same page.]
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[He draws back (though not out of reach, Claude's hand against his neck more or less a grip at this point), breathing harder now, his hair sticking to his brow already. Shit, Claude really is just what he needs at all times - especially now, though; the way he simply goes along with it, even though he's not really the type to crave or prefer rough sex. Setting a firm, unhurried rhythm, fingers gliding up and down his shaft and thumb pressing against the head of his cock, he jerks Claude off quietly, without his usual stream of words to accompany their quickening breaths. When he's in this kind of mood, Vincent doesn't generally talk much in bed. Doesn't really feel like it, his focus too restricted. He shifts again, feeling the way his cock grows harder almost by the second. He's not going to rush it, though. He may be rough but he's never sloppy.]
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[His grip on Claude's cock is growing steadfastly more slippery, sweat and precome making the motion of his hand just a bit smoother and consequently, faster. Upping the pace, things are starting to feel urgent to him; his arousal making him light-headed and his cock almost painfully hard between his legs. Then, Claude moans against him and he feels himself shudder slightly in response, muscles tense from holding back.

Slipping downwards, he licks a wet trail from Claude's chest towards his navel, his skin salty and hot against his tongue. If he'd been about to suck cock mainly for Claude's benefit, he would have taken a longer route to the finish line - but as it is, he follows his impulses entirely, kissing his way down Claude's stomach with just a hint of teeth, gracing his skin. And sucks the head of his cock right into his mouth.]
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[Though people express varying opinions on the taste of cock, Vincent has always been convinced that what they're actually tasting is their own breath (unless they're in bed with someone nasty). The scent is personal - and distinctive, too. Claude smells hot and soft at the same time; comforting, kind of, with a touch of something sharper. Vincent loves it and he takes his time now, sliding his lips up and down Claude's shaft, his skin smooth and wet on his tongue.

When he draws back after another minute or so, he feels overheated and overwrought at the same time. Wanting more, wanting to take. Without disturbing Claude's hand in his hair, he pulls away from his cock and looks up at him, eyes narrowed a bit and expression tight.]

I want to fuck you. [He draws away more fully, wiping a hand across his mouth. Softens his voice a bit, words clipped enough as it is.] Turn around.
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[If he'd been less... moody, he would have probably apologised - with a smile, naturally, but even so. He recognises the warning in Claude's voice for what it is and takes a moment to breathe, noticing peripherally how his hands are trembling with every intake of air.]

Knees, please.

[Because that's how Claude prefers it and Vincent isn't about to make things terrible for him, just because his own needs weigh heavier on his mind right now. The taste of cock - of sweat and arousal and precome - is still very much present in his mouth; he swallows, unnecessarily, and reaches for the lube in the drawer by the bed. No condoms anymore; Vincent is still getting used to that. Even with a steady partner, he's never made that transition before. Not before now.]
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[Vincent sits back, watching Claude position himself on his hands and knees. Carefully, of course, because they aren't seventeen and cracking your back during anal sex just isn't something a guy would be overly proud of. Pouring out a generous amount of lube onto his hand and fingers, he spends the time slicking himself up in long, slow strokes. It takes a few seconds for his mind to settle wholly into sensations - as opposed to the numbness he's been dealing with ever since Jean-Paul decided to break his fucking nose with no warning. At Claude's question, he manages a smile, strained from a mix of arousal and a fresh surge of irritation.]

Wouldn't offer you anything else.

[Like this, Claude's really very appealing. Massively appealing. With his legs slightly spread, his balls and cock heavy and exposed between his thighs. And his arse; well-shaped and delicious, skin lighter than Vincent's, but not as pale. He tightens his grip on his cock, practically jerking off now, eyes eating Claude up, like a fucking entrée. Reaching out with his free hand, he runs his palm up his thigh, fingers spreading out near his perineum and pressing in, just a slight touch of stimulation.]
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[Okay, that's it, he can't... Shifting closer on his knees just a bit awkwardly with his hard-on bobbing against his stomach, he places his lube-covered hand on the small of Claude's back, his other staying in place just below his scrid. Claude is pretty sensitive in terms of small-scale stimulation (in general, too) and it's so. Fucking. Hot. Reaching further down, Vincent fondles his balls, a comfortable weight in his palm as he rolls them slowly back and forth between his fingers.]

Definitely, yeah.

[His voice is a pant now, breathless and rough around the edges. Even in his current mood, he couldn't not take the time to enjoy Claude's amazing body; it's there for him to take and he'll take it alright, just the way they both prefer it. Moving his other hand downwards, he slips two fingers between Claude's buttocks, pushing lightly against his arsehole. Not enough to penetrate but enough for the next few seconds, all the same.]
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[Claude reacts to his touch in the best way possible, bending further down and leaving his arsehole more exposed. To his fingers and his eyes, both. Oh shit, he wants to move ahead now - wants to bury his cock in Claude's arse, wants his mind to stop and his body to take the fuck over. Breathing heavily through his nose, he pushes his fingers forward with enough pressure to make the movement smooth, just a bit unyielding. All the way to his knuckles, Claude's body burning hot and tight.

He can't wait to fuck him. He can't wait. Fingers curving in just the right position, he presses against Claude's prostate, knowing exactly how to make the angle work. Like this, he simply pushes his fingers back and forth, keeping them slightly seperated for the sake of stretching. Quietly, still, except for his breathing which is gradually turning into panting instead.]
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[That moan is the last straw - in terms of foreplay, this is pretty poor by Vincent's standards but he's not here to play around until the break of dawn. Not tonight (though the idea isn't bad...). Not with Claude sounding like that, pushing against him, fucking himself on his fingers. Straightening up, he pulls his fingers out and runs his palm over his cock again. Slick enough. Still on his knees, his cock on perfect level, he moves himself closer - close enough for the tip to press in firmly against Claude's arsehole as Vincent spreads his cheeks with his free hand.]

Fuck, you're so hot. So hot. [His voice sounds distant to his ears, arousal blurring up everything except the feel of stimulation. Finally. Finally. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, he presses forward, cock pushing into Claude's arse inch by inch.] Christ, yes.
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[... oh fuck. Claude's so tight around his cock, so tight and so fucking hot. He tries to control his breathing and fails, utterly, everything coming out as pants and gasps. Glancing down, he watches the way Claude's arsehole stretches around his cock, helped along nicely by a mix of sweat, lube and precome. Fuck. This is impossibly good and it's lightening up every nerve in his body, forcing him completely out of his mind. As such, it takes him a moment to realise that Claude's spoken - and when he answers, he's already fulfilled his request, cock buried all the way to the base. He holds still with an effort, the need to get off so urgent now that every hesitation feels almost like torture.]


[His voice is thick from arousal. He licks his lips, supporting himself with one hand against Claude's hip, the other running up and down his back in senseless patterns. Sweaty palm against equally sweaty skin.]