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(( LOG : the wall has fallen ))

[Characters:] Vincent & Claude
[Date:] 03.06.2010
[Summary:] You don't get closer than this. Not to anyone. Not to yourself.

[Claude is sitting up in bed, popped up against the headboard with a (still unpublished) book in his lap - a poetry collection that Didier has sent his way for a friendly review before it hits the streets. He reads over the various contributions with a slight frown on his face, concentration drowning out all other thoughts than those concerning the poetic composition of a French-Senegalese vocabulary.

He saw his doctor yesterday, though, did Claude - to hear the results of the various tests and blood work he's had done over the past couple of weeks. All clean, of course. Not that he'd expected anything but, but even so. Some things aren't worth throwing caution to the winds for and STDs definitely count amongst them.

Besides, if he's (they're) going to start practicing unprotected sex... It better not be on Vincent's account.]

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[He finishes in the bathroom, hanging the towel to dry on the rack and shutting the door behind him. It's been a pretty ordinary Friday, really, if you leave out the fact that all his results from the doctor came back negative. He's had STDs, of course, years back - it's hard to avoid, even if you use a condom more or less religiously. But the past couple of years, he's been... careful. With Claude, too.

Pausing by the bed, he looks Claude over for a moment. Trying to imagine what it'll be like, finally to... well. He's never had any problems using a condom, reduced sensations or not. Actually, he's never done anything (or anyone) without it. It's going to be like a whole new fucking world.]
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[Claude's quiet voice snaps him out of his thoughts. Blinking himself back into focus, he walks around the bed to his side, running a hand through his still-wet hair before getting in.]


[Normally, he'd pop up a pillow and sit back with a book of his own - God knows he's got enough new literature on his to-do list to last a life time. His field moves fast; academia in a nutshell. Tonight, however, he chooses to simply lie down on his side, balancing the weight of his upper-body on his elbow as he looks at Claude. Who's busy not looking at him, preferring instead some book that no one cares about. He'll fix that in a second.]

Tests came back negative.
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[Claude's subdued reaction doesn't fool him; he saw the man tear his attention away from that stupid book with the rapidness of someone who's been waiting with baited breath. Vincent can't really blame him for the implications - after all, he really wasn't sure about those tests himself, either. Doing them, sure. But getting them back? Ugh. He smiles, reaching out with his free hand and running his palm over Claude's chest. Lightly enough to be a caress, slowly enough to carry a message.]

Bet I can make you really happy about it, yeah.

[He shifts closer, sheets rustling beneath him and his duvet slipping down to his thighs. Nothing too revealing about it, yet - there's definitely arousal building in his groin, however, and the rest is mostly just a matter of age. All in good time.]
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[His smile widens at that, gaining a decidedly predatory edge. That's all the permission he'll ever need from Claude - the non-spoken anticipation and the way he looks at him; just calm trust with a hint of something even better. Leaning in closer for a long, lazy kiss, he presses his tongue between Claude's lips and runs his hand further down his body. Over his stomach, to the duvet pooling across his lap.

Hand pausing, fingers curling lightly in the fabric, he deepens the kiss and lets the moment linger. After all, there's no need to rush. They have all night.]
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[Oh, fuck. He loves the noises Claude makes when he kisses him - they're both really hot and, to some extent, kind of sweet. Claude's a man who enjoys his pleasures in a very visible fashion and Vincent's always liked that about him. The transparency. The way things are only rarely complicated and even in those cases, the complications tend to be appropriate.

He'd planned on breaking the kiss, really, but with Claude holding on like this, he's just. Going to stay right here, the heat of his mouth and the hard muscle of his tongue making him feel lightheaded. Mm. Doesn't mean he can't proceed, though. With his hand. Pushing the duvet away, he runs his palm down Claude's cock, from base to head. His fingers are still cool and consequently, the contrast is... noticeable.]
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[He doesn't jerk Claude off - not yet. His hand won't be doing the pleasuring tonight, after all, and Vincent wants the full, fucking benefit of this new aspect of their relationship. Sex without a condom. The taste and scent of cock without the usual tint of rubber. Christ, his body's growing harder at the thought alone.

Drawing back, he looks down Claude's body, eyes eating up every detail without actually lingering; his chest, his nipples, the slight flatness of his stomach. And further down, Vincent's fingers closed around the base of his half-hard cock. He's not going to waste any time on foreplay tonight. Nah, better scrap it all together and go straight for what he's really craving, right? Shifting onto his hip and leaning sideways over Claude's stomach and lap, he stares at his cock for a moment. Curious, despite himself, despite years of practice.

Then, he closes his lips around its tip, sucking it slowly into his mouth.]
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[Oh fuck. Fuck. He pauses for a few seconds, Claude's hand tightening in his hair and the taste of him - pure, unadulterated - heavy and musky on his tongue. Moving a bit further sideways for a better angle, he pulls back the foreskin easily before licking a wet circle around the tip of the head.

Like this, though, without the smoothness of the rubber, he realises that his hand's too dry. Like wanking with a dry palm, of course, he's just never really. Thought about it in this context. Drawing back, he spits in his palm quickly, more than ready to dive back in as soon as possible. Slick hand closing around the shaft once more, he bends down and sucks Claude's cock in between his lips again, far enough that it pushes up against the roof of his mouth.]
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[Claude's touch against his neck and shoulder makes his skin tingle. Nothing like encouragement (who the fuck needs that in a situation like this?), rather it's an added sensation of presence. Physicalities. Like the way Claude's cock feels against his tongue, inside his mouth, heavy and hot and slick. There's a hint of saltiness, a thoroughly arousing blend of sweat and skin. Fuck, he can't get enough of it. Claude's not the only one growing short of breath; Vincent's breathing heavily through his nose, his mouth otherwise preoccupied as he sets a steady rhythm. Too slow to cause progression, too steady to be fragmented. Not in any hurry. Shit, no.]