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(( FIC : about your partner ))

What is their middle name?
He used to have one, that's all he's ever told me. For some reason, he's chosen to toss it. To the winds.

Do they have siblings?

What are their parents' names?
Laura & Samuel Fortesque.

What is their favourite food?
Paling in 't groen. Which is basically eel. In a herbal sauce. I promise that it's actually delicious.

What is their favourite colour?
He doesn't have one, but in general he likes bright colours. Bright greens, blues and bright yellows - he's a walking Easter egg.

Name one movie they love.
God knows why, but The Good Shephard.

Name one movie they hate.
Honestly? Most movies. One could say Vincent's picky with his entertainment...

Name one movie that could/would make them cry.
The truth is that movies don't make Vincent cry. People make Vincent cry.

What is their favourite song?
I'm not sure. Something from the 80s would be my guess.

What is their favourite musical performer/group?
Karlheinz Stockhausen.

What is their favourite TV show?
And this is where Vincent isn't picky with his entertainment at all, so it'll have to be a tie between Project Runway and Paradise Hotel. There have been evenings when we had to record one, because they aired at the same time. Stupid thing, that TV.

What is one thing you do that annoys them?
My stubbornness in general probably annoys him a whole lot.

What is their most cherished memory?
That's too difficult, I'll have to give up beforehand. [A laugh.] No, I don't know, but I hope it involves me.

Where is their favourite place?
I don't think he has one. Maybe Europe in the broadest sense.

What is their biggest talent?
Are you asking me or are you asking him? [A laugh.] He has a talent of making everyone believe every single word that comes out of his mouth.

What is their occupation?
Again, are you asking me or him? I'd say he's a spin doctor. Vincent would probably call it something else entirely.

What is their favourite holiday?
Holidays are not something Vincent cares overly about.

What is their favourite season?
I'm afraid that I have absolutely no idea. Does Vincent know what Vincent's favourite season is, that's the question.

What is their biggest fear?
His fears are his own business. I may be a journalist, but I'm really not the kind of person to pry.

What is their biggest dream?
Vincent is living his dream. As we speak.

Who is their favourite celebrity?
For their sake, I hope he doesn't have one.

Who is their favourite fictional character?
To have one, he'd need to read fiction. Vincent only reads non-fiction.

What is their favourite romantic gesture?
Being as insanely romantic as he is, just me letting him lie with his head in my lap satisfies every of his romantic needs.

What is their favourite sexual position?
Cocksucking is Vincent's thing, so he spends a lot of his time on his knees. And no one should say that isn't time well spent, least of all me.

What is one thing they like about themselves?
His professionalism. Although sometimes you have to question both it and his own awareness of it.

What is one thing they don't like about themselves?
There's nothing not to like about my man here. I'm pretty convinced Vincent feels the same way.

What is their favourite number?
I'm afraid it's a redundant question, because it would really surprise me if Vincent actually had a favourite number. It's not the kind of thing he'd waste his time thinking about.

Are they religious?
If Vincent could join the Secret Sect of Cock, he might consider becoming religious, but he isn't religious currently - not to my knowledge, at least.

What is one of their pet peeves?
Wikipedia. God knows why. It's a gift to mankind.

What is one thing they're self-conscious about?
I'll let that one stay his dirty little secret.

What moment did they realise they loved you?
I -- honestly don't know. I'd think it was something that came in stages, instead of at one particular moment.

What is their favourite way to relax?
The only way Vincent ever relaxes is by having sex. Which leaves me with quite the responsibility. [He laughs.]

Do they like to dance?
Give the man enough alcohol, enough half-naked men, enough Pet Shop Boys and Vincent will dance your socks off. Probably on the tables.

What is one thing they want to achieve in the next five years?
From what I gather, he'd really like to advance beyond his current position as publicity manager for Potos. Rise above, so to speak.

What is one thing that makes them angry?
Vincent isn't the type to get angry. Despite being an arsehole, he's a quite pleasant person.

What is one thing that makes them sad?
People thinking of his personality in sissy boy terms.

What is one thing that makes them happy?
A really, really, really, really good fuck.

What is one moral they believe in?
The means to the end. Always, for Vincent.

What was their most significant illness/injury?
In general, Vincent doesn't like talking about illness and injury. It makes him queasy.

What is one thing that makes them blush?
He tends to blush a pretty pink, when I grab his arse in public.